International WorkArtMedia

Born in Venice, RiBelli is the first international WorkArtMedia launched, in 2019, in Italy and on the European territory,
which observes current affairs from the point of view of our Mediterranean civilisation, its influence and its repercussions on our societies:
drawing the reading keys of cultural analysis to reflect on our times
and be able to discern beauty at all times.
RiBelli is distributed all over the world.

RiBelli operates as an atelier/studio which, once it has received all the informations, makes a selection of the material
that is then analysed, enhanced and explained (in full respect of the sources)
through editorial, artistic, creative work
and takes shape in a magazine with aesthetic and specific characteristics of the highest quality standards:
uniqueness, originality and authorship are also highlighted in the attention to detail (choice of paper, iconography, graphics, print monitoring).
The order of the layout is also designed according to carefully thought-out criteria.

The consistency in the presentation of the themes, topics, etc. interact according to a red thread:
looking at and understanding current affairs from the vantage point of the historical and artistic cradle
that represent the great Mediterranean and its radiance, considered as a starting point for understanding our Civilization.

This atelier work is carried out by an international and professional team (journalists, authors, artists, creators, photographers, designers … artistic crafts) and organised as a cultural ecosystem in which every person is key,
from conception to distribution,
and participates in producing this quarterly magazine/work, released in 3 languages (Italian, French, English).
The information is objective, it is not sponsored, it does not even receive any aid or subsidies, etc.
It is the result of serious and hardworking teamwork.
The concept is original and unprecedented.

RiBelli is officially registered in Italy (court of Naples) and is published by Re-évolution Cultura srl,
RiBelli is protected by the Karine Trotel Re-évolution ® trademark protected by lawyer Emanuele Amoroso in Palermo.
Under the aegis of the Karine Trotel Re-évolution ® trademark, a craftsmanship is expressed whose value originates
from thirty years of hands-on experience in the territories, made up of discoveries, encounters, travels, itineraries, choices, inventions,
cultural events for the revaluation of pure creation and beauty built upon the values of our Civilisation.

Creator and publisher
Legal Representant of Re-évolution Cultura ®

“More than a magazine,
RiBelli is a work of art,
to be preserved, collected, and cultivated…”


RiBelli (Rebels in English, but also “ReBeautiful” in the Italian play on words, although used here in its primary connotation) represents and characterizes those attempting to keep or regain the sense of beauty, implicitly in opposition to the current “authority” that generate abuse, speculation, haste, stress, etc.

To be RiBelli thus means reforming the universal idea of beauty based on values that tend towards harmony, balance, and wellbeing, which are at the root of our civilization. It means searching for truth, respect, and ethics. Thanks to our natural human capacity to conceive and create, beauty is consequently inspired, profound, rich, and unique.

The RiBelli see the Mediterranean world as the ideal, everlasting model that illustrates this idea and consider its diffusion as the demonstration of its countless virtues. They invite readers to better understand this world, to make their own contribution, and to be as one.

The RiBelli magazine, therefore, deals with inspiring topics, people, situations, etc… that show how the Mediterranean model, influenced by both the East and the West,
constitutes an example to follow and a model to practice.

By having known how to assimilate freedom (of artistic expression), the Mediterranean world has generated an immense creative force and produces excellence in a multitude of ways and interactions. RiBelli thus proposes a Re-évolution of this Culture that is enriched through the interchange and elevates it to the art of living…

Each article is published in the language of its author (Italian, French, or English) and translated into the other two languages; the translations can be found at the end of the magazine.